Jersey Requiem

We have a rich patchwork of stories in New Jersey: working-class stories, immigrant stories, love stories, war stories, crime stories… American stories. New Jersey is my muse, and my goal as an artist is to capture these narratives in the images I create. The format through which I tell my stories is that of the triptych, and these follow a deliberate structure: the main central image is a graphic icon, with photographs on both sides. Through the combination of these three images I aim to communicate a site-specific message that is relatable to those who know and understand New Jersey, and whet the imagination of those who have yet to discover its unique charms.


the JERSEY REQUIEM interview:

My interview on the Jersey Requiem triptychs, with curators Josh Ryder & Melissa C. Hillborn, is in the current issue of ART Habens Contemporary Art Review.










Mary & Tony




road trip

Road Trip




jersey shore

Jersey Shore




late night

Late Night




the suburbs

the Suburbs




the garden state

the Garden State









jersey noir

Jersey Noir






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