American Portraits



American Portraits is a series of the images that make up our collective visual sense of self – the cultural icons from our national history that define our sense of what it means to be American, just as we were taught in grade school.

American Portraits is cultural mythology, re-created.


1. Brave


2. American Pastoral


3. Cowboy


4. Columbia


 5. Infantry


6. Muscle


7. Moonshot



Why 7 images? Because that is how many fit on a Viewmaster stereo-optic reel.

I have produced a Viewmaster version of this series, showing the images in 3D. So cool. Of course, you need your own viewer for these, but it is a fucking great analog experience. The world just melts away when you bring your eyes up to a Viewmaster and set your imagination free.

These images are also great printed really LARGE on gloss photo paper, so I print & frame these images at 21″ square, with white wood frames. Or bigger. Your choice.